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A foot massager USES a study
Published: 2015-4-15

Roller type of foot massage device is small in size, easy to use, welcomed by many families. The city health care experts Wang Yuling, continuous 15 to 20 minutes to do a foot massage to play a good effect, the skin has burst when not use massager, family share massager should pay attention to health.


Heart location points more concentrated, appropriate for a foot massage every day, can have health care function. Time it is advisable to before you go to sleep at night, massage can effectively relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality. Massage before should take off your socks, your feet ahead of best bubble hot. Massage in 15 to 20 minutes or so, time is too short not very good effect. The process of massage, feet along the roller rolling back and forth, efforts to moderate, with acupoint feeling slightly acid hemp pain is advisable.


Massage it is important to note that when the weather is cool, pay attention to the foot. By massage skin has burst of the region, unfavorable and massage. If the family Shared massager, timely cleaning, best avoid foot cross infection disease.

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