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The election of the pillow to help women sleep health
Published: 2015-4-15

Choose a comfortable pillow is not only a prerequisite for a good sleep, but also the health of long-term investment. Do you know how to pick a suitable own pillow?


There are a variety of materials, with a variety of different roles pillows, so we must first thoroughly understand what the role of the pillow is the largest? Pillows are used to meet the sleep posture, cervical spine and supporting, the head and lumbar spine to maintain a balance, so as not to make the cervical compression. So, choose the most suitable pillow, you want according to their physique and sleeping position, determine the kind of pillow can be placed under your head to your neck of the most solid support.


Supine sleeping position a plump, fluffy pillows, the goal is to get enough support to make the head and neck, while not make head held high.


Prone sleeping a thin pillow or simply do not have a pillow.


A thick pillow side sleeping position. When the lateral shoulder height prop, side of the pillow should be able to support your head and neck to the same level with the spine.


Babies stuffed pillow want the best, and similar side, note the height of the shoulder.


Not everyone, in his sleep will remain unified position, often supine, side alternately, this time the right pillow height and stretch to make cervical pillow problem will not feel discomfort.


Most suitable for women pillow height is 8-10cm, you can choose any soft material, now grain pillows, buckwheat pillows are also very popular, so the selection of pillows intrinsic material no right or wrong, just need to find a way to let you The material can feel comfortable when purchasing, we might put his head on the pillow to try, might help you choose.


Now there are many, each with a pillow features, such as the slow rebound pillow, vacuum pillow, Pillow, etc., can help sleep, sleep pillows to reduce the harm caused.


Sleeper pillow conform negative posture and pressure points to adjust the appropriate load bearing capacity, and fully release the pressure, the protection of human spine has a significant effect, correct the spine deformation caused due to external pressure. For cervical spondylosis, desk workers, drivers, and is particularly applicable.


Pillow according to human spine curves and convex structure, respectively, play a role in supporting the neck and head, the body between the head and neck pillows and fit more closely, so that the cervical spine during sleep longer be unreasonably squeeze pressure.

High end pillow neck pillow slow rebound, low pillows, perfect support head and neck, relax the head, neck and shoulder muscles and nerves. Prevent and eliminate people's bad sleep habits, such as high pillow, poor sleeping position caused by fatigue and pain and other symptoms.


Latex pillow elastic excellent, easily deformed, and strong support. Latex itself has anti-bacterial, dust effect, a lot of holes to quickly distribute heat convection, good skin health.


Body pillow with arms and legs tightly surrounded by it, by creating a gap between the knees, lower back and reduce distortions, and to help those who sleep sideways to keep the spine straight. Lying in bed by an ordinary pillow knee decentralization can achieve a similar effect.

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