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Pilot national fitness brand Leimai Si opened a new era of Chinese health
Published: 2015-4-15

In recent years, the state invested a steady growth in the field of public culture, and the positive development of public cultural services related to sports and fitness industry, meet the people at multiple levels of cultural consumption.


Last October, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption" and "opinions" to improve the fitness of the national strategy to enhance people's health, improve health as a fundamental goal, the sports industry as a green industry Chaoyang industries support, thus, fitness equipment industry usher in a rare development opportunity.


As China's leading fitness equipment industry, the Mai Po He shoulders the historical period in which to drive the entire nation off the fitness industry responsibility, taking into account their spare fully prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges in the new year. 2015 promises to be the fitness equipment industry development process is not an extraordinary one.


He Mai Po since its inception, has been to "improve the national level of fitness," the highest ideal for businesses, to "become world famous, do standing on top of the world's national brand" for the development goals, expectations itself as the industry leader in the use of the advantages, promote common development lead the overall industry, bringing people truly healthy living, quality of life over the years, millions of people have benefited from the use of Mai Po He fitness equipment.


2015, under the fitness equipment market increasingly competitive environment, China's own brand-building to enhance the development has entered a new period, accelerate the construction of independent brands is to promote the development of industry, business growth inevitable. New Era, only to make adequate preparations to firmly grasp the opportunity comes.


Platform is large enough, hard enough brand


Mai Po He witnessed the Chinese fitness equipment from scratch, from weak to strong tremendous development. Today, the Mai Po He has been developed for the design, development, production, sales, service, club management consulting as one of the whole industry chain company, I believe in the face of new opportunities, Mai Po He relies on its strong brand, a clearer market trends, to better navigate the fitness equipment industry for the nation.


Personnel cluster, people-oriented


Mai Po He always adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, adhering to the concept of a high level of employee productivity high-quality products, the implementation mechanism of the independent personnel training, vigorously carry out corporate education, continuous training with the industry's highest requirements pyramid management system, helping to create a more efficient, pragmatic, visionary and high-level management team to meet the tougher challenges.


Leading technology, innovation


In science and technology, leading technology in order to create a core competitiveness. Especially in technology product homogeneity serious today, only adhere to independent innovation, product differentiation to form, in order to compete with foreign rivals. Independent innovation is a step Bao He climbed the peak of world science and technology the only way, Mai Po He led innovation in brand strategy, brand strategy to support innovation, focus on improving the ability of enterprises to create brand, and strive to create an independent with independent intellectual property rights, the international competition power brands.


And win praise


Professional R & D team, top-Innovation Design Center, the first industry research institutions, powerful automated production lines, efficient sales service system, strict monitoring and detection system, which all make Mai Po He's highly acclaimed product . Mai Po He independent research and market specifications of more than 300 varieties of fitness equipment in the domestic similar products, the market share of the leading step Boch, export operations in more than 80 countries and regions overseas.


Their duties, to burst


The new year, Mai Po He will be more effective functioning of the integrity of fraternal union, for the majority of investors to provide the fitness industry chain support and professional information management services to investors on the industry to have a more correct interpretation and understanding; let career Managers are more aware of their responsibility and mission, make every effort to help investors achieve success; let the majority of fitness enthusiasts know the fitness industry as a group of Mai Po He so really struggle for the cause of China's fitness groups, trustworthy, worth the wait.


2015 will be a step Boch China fitness equipment industry and the rapid development of the year, Mai Po He will be in this new year, by brand, personnel, products and service advantages, further expand the market, and gradually expand its own technology through innovation brand influence in China technological power to achieve the dream on the road, singing "brand power" strategy. As China's first commercial fitness equipment brand, Mai Po He has been convinced that the great potential of the industry, believes the new year certainly contains a huge market opportunity, Mai Po from the Hittites themselves, to set an example for national brand, and promote China manufacturing to China to create change, the quality of Chinese speed shift to China, Chinese products shift to Chinese brands, to lead the rise of national brands.

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