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Leimai Si launched Neck Massager
Published: 2015-4-15

Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Lu Su cents) May 31, on "into the life, enjoy health" as the theme of the press conference, the international famous brands Leimai Si healthy New Year 2013 full release. This is the second body Expo 2012 major health industry strategy released, the initial product distribution strategy adjustment Leimai Si focus on appearance, but also take the initiative to tap the Chinese market Leimai Si healthy consumer demand, insight and grasp of consumer trends, discover the next big health industry and make innovations.


In addition to traditional massage products, will launch the plastic body healthy, healthy environment, the two product categories, thus, located in a healthy lifestyle Leimai Si product layout shape. Among them, the focus of cervical health problems and the launch of "iKnead neck Baby" neck massager, its flagship temperature "rub" technology, creative fashion modeling, design triple lazy demands precise focus intensified "bow family" phenomenon, caused a high degree of concern resonates with attendees. For urban lazy, busy people designed plastic body healthy new series also appeared earlier, such as the popular Southeast Asian market "-type action faction" body sculpting machine, designed specifically for Chinese consumers, "type action" dumbbell, is called " magic plastic division, "slimming belts, etc., are fully fit in time and can not focus on the image of the sport passive movement needs of the population. At the same time, environmental health products such as air purifiers, home oxygen machine, also appeared in the public eye, they are now AGAWO against environmental degradation, air pollution and other hot spots of concern and the launch of new healthy life.

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