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Massage equipment industry huge market capacity, or the rise of the concept of health
Published: 2015-4-15

CNR network Finance news Beijing February 12, according to Voice of the economy, "live trading" report, Li Meng is currently the country's largest massage equipment manufacturing service providers. Focused massage equipment product development, production and sales. Massage Equipment Department of emerging industries company owned industry, the potential of international and domestic market capacity is huge.


The first three quarters of last year, the company's main income 2.064 billion yuan, an increase of 26.98%. Net profit growth of 48.76 percent over the same period. Since last December, the shock wave of the company's stock is currently consolidation. The company expects 2014 net profit of 140 million to 170 million, an increase of 34% to 63%. The company expects 2014 annual report will be disclosed in the April 25. Li Meng how future investment value? Chen Ling case study on behalf of small shareholders as follows.


Chen Ling: Li Meng listed company is a leading enterprise in domestic massage apparatus, like last year's acquisition AGAWO brands, domestic growth is quite fast, the company and Zhong Nanshan this team set up in Guangzhou call Dr. air purification company, by product The service model of the Internet O2O promotion. Currently the whole point of view, the capacity utilization rate is not great, there is potential for improvement. The company's cash book now more, the company said epitaxial conduct mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions overseas channels one direction, the other one is the input platform. The company health service company to shift from manufacturing enterprises, built from the company's management to talent, there will be a larger transformation, through health service enterprises, if the transition turn good, customer stickiness will be a key. So for this, Li Meng index listed companies concerned would be two stars, the stock index will be positive one concern.


AJ Securities Investment Advisers on Jun Yuan Li Meng make comments.


Jun Yuan: Honestly Massager This one is the steady growth of the industry, as people's living standards improve, there will be a demand for this, a wide range. You go to the mall to see, and now are in a variety of emerging recommendation, I personally think that the future can be read. Just from the company, it is also out of a relatively low, the sudden appearance of the up after two quantities, it may also continue to rise in power. Chen Jian Kang times like today, this company is also rising, the concept of health will likely up, because of what? Gotta have a hot market, the New Year you send something, send point massage health insurance are OK, or buy yourself one, so watch this hype.

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